The Ride of Your Life: Fighting Cancer with Attitude

The Ride of Your Life: Fighting Cancer with Attitude

Nonfiction by John M. Ricco
ISBN # 9781933916224

Adversity—life trauma—going through a bad time. Whatever you call it, we've all experienced it. How we each cope with what we are dealt, is another matter! John Ricco fought his way past a cancer diagnosis with treatment, support and most importantly, an eye on the future. He found while writing about his ordeal that there were many others who had been through other kinds of life-altering experiences and came through because of their positive attitude. This book is for anyone who has experienced, or has a close friend or family member dealing with, a difficult time in their lives.

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More Praise for The Ride of Your Life

Hi John,

I just wanted you to know that I read The Ride of Your Life and liked it very much. It is well organized, with clear, non-preachy lessons. The illustrations add nicely to it, and I love the many strong quotations you selected. Your central road/journey/biking metaphor serves you well throughout the book.

I hope it is well read by cancer patients and others facing life's challenges. It has wisdom aplenty. I will keep it in my library and know I will either be referring to it myself one day or passing it along to a loved one.

I wish you the very best facing the next bend in the road and, as I know you will, taking the turn with courage.

—Jim Laughlin
Director of Communications
Life is Good, Inc.


John M. Ricco

Why should each cancer survivor have to reinvent the wheel, and not derive benefit from others who have gone down the road ahead of them? Why not share the knowledge and lessons learned? This book is then meant to be a tool kit or how-to for the journey – through the cancer diagnosis, treatment, and life as a survivor. It reflects the lessons I learned going through the experience of cancer, as well as those of many survivors I have talked to along the way. Additional insight was gained through discussion with doctors, nurses, caregivers, and others whose lives have been touched by cancer. Read More >>